Wanderlust (2012)Chief David Wain (Role Models) crews up with maker Judd Apatow (Get Him to the Greek) for this comic drama regarding a strained Manhattan couple who move to a freed neighborhood that rejects the principles of contemporary social norms. Urban power couple George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) are as of now clasping under the anxiety of living in the city when George loses his work. Urgent, they choose to move to Atlanta and stay with George’s upsetting blood mate until they can get over on their feet. Along the way, be that as it may, they end up stepping into Elysium, a modest, unhindered-vivacious group where cash has no worth, apparel are strictly noncompulsory, and every thinking individual works as one to make essence more important. It the ideal place for a fretted couple like George and Linda to breathe profound, and put their lives into point of view. Anyway will they stay in Elysium, or will the numerous enticements of the present day planet when its all said and done demonstrate excessively magnetic to oppose

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