The adventure of the Autobots continuous! Like in the first parts, the battle between Autobots (the good robots) and Decepticons (bad robots) is present again in this captivant movie.

During the war which got the planet Cybertron destroyed, a spacecraft know as The Ark escaped from the planet, beign piloted by the Autobot leader named Sentinel Prime. During the escape, the ship was hit by enemy missiles. Unable to maintain a direct course, the ship and its crew were lost into space.

In 1961 NASA detected the crash of the ship on the Moon, and 8 years later they’ve landed the first mens on the Moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, so they will secretly explore the craft.

The rest you’ll have to see it for yourself! Don’t forget to watch the first two parts before you watch this one! Again a 10/10 from me. Enjoy it!