Thirteen Ghosts (2001) Movie Full Download FreeThir13en Ghosts is a 2001 released horror mystery thriller movie directed by Steve Beck and written by Robb White while film features Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, Embeth Davidtz in lead roles. This film has amazing story-line, in this film at the point when Cyrus Kriticos, an extremely rich gatherer of one of a kind things dies, he abandons it all to his nephew and his crew. Every single including howdy house, his fortune, and his vindictive accumulation of apparitions. Due to the awesome screen-play film scored 5.5 imdb rating while grossed $41,867,960 at US box-office. This film did good at box-office and received mixed reviews from critics while film has run-time of 91 min. If you’re looking for a good horror thriller flick then go for it, download this movie today and enjoy a great thrilling ride.

Initial release: October 26, 2001 (USA)
Director: Steve Beck
Music director: John Frizzell
Production company: Dark Castle Entertainment
Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Joel Silver, Gilbert Adler

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