I’ve just watched this movie last night and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by it! Don’t get me wrong, I expected this movie to be good, but not THAT GOOD! Good storyline, kind of an “Inception” feel, story inside the story inside the story, if you know what I mean (except that in Inception was dream inside a dream inside a dream … inside a dream again).

The story is about a writer that tells the story of his last book, which is the story of a young writer who publishes a book that he found and later the old man that wrote and lost that book finds the young writer and tells him the story of the book that he published. Sound pretty confusing, but the movie’s way better than this little storyline that I’ve just told you and I definately recommend you to watch it! It’s pretty amazing!

I have to give this movie a PERFECT 10/10 rate, as I enjoyed it pretty much! I’m sure you’ll like it too! Enjoy!