All right, now that’s what I call “A DAMN GOOD FUNNY MOVIE”!

So the story is this: after he’s suspended from college for the rest of the semester, Noah (Jonah Hill) is pushed by his mother to find a job so that he can help with the payment around the house, so he decides to take care of his hot neighbor’s thinking that this are some easy earned money. What he didn’t know is that the three kids are some pretty¬†devils kids which will make his night a living hell.

Later, his supposed girlfriend Marisa (Ari Graynor) who uses him only to get oral sex, calls to invite him to a party and promises that she’ll have some crazy sex with him, if he brings some drugs. Hearing that, Noah gets the kids in the car and goes to search from drugs. From now on they will come through some adventures, that it’s better that you’ll see it for yourself.

My rate for this movie is around 8.5/10! It’s a good one! Enjoy it!