The Sitter (2011) A school dropout gets a babysitter to make some snappy money, and takes his three youthful charges on an epic urban undertaking in this comic drama from head David Gordon Green (George Washington, Pineapple Express). Noah (Jonah Hill) isn’t a babysitter, yet he’ll do simply about anything for a little additional trade in for money his wallet. Soon after he’s procured to take care of three youthful youngsters, however, Noah gets a call from his mate guaranteeing sex in return for pills. Frantic and horny, the flighty sitter packs his clueless wards into the auto and sets out toward the seedy part of town. When Noah can think double the entire night has headed off to damnation, and he’s on the run from a couple of deadly street pharmacists (Sam Rockwell and J.B. Smoove) with no apprehensions about shooting at minor targets. Ari Graynor, Max Records, and Method Man co-star

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