The Rum Diary (2011)Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas star Johnny Depp comes back to the wild universe of Hunter S. Thompson in writer/director Bruce Robinson’s acclimatization of the Gonzo columnist’s “lost” self-portraying novel of the same name. Blue over life in New York City and at astringent chances with the Eisenhower-period gatherings of the 1950s, traveling writer Paul Kemp (Depp) escapes to Puerto Rico, where he speedily arrives an occupation as a news person for a San Juan daily paper. Drawing enthusiasm from creator Ernest Hemingway’s prevalent speculation about “The Lost Generation,” the recently freed columnist improves a taste for rum as he ends up being inefficiently entrapped in the lives of American marvelousness Chenault (Amber Heard) and her shady spouse, Sanderson (Aaron Eckhart), a well off land designer. Later, as Sanderson’s devious business dealings start to develop, Kemp’s standards gone into center, and his composition style starts to develop in ways he never dreamed plausible

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