The Raven (2012)Upon uncovering that a crazy serial executioner has been utilizing his writings as enthusiasm, fanciful writer Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack) unites with a spendid, junior Baltimore investigator to get the lunatic and end his rule of abhorrence. Investigator Emmett Fields (Luke Evans) was researching a vicious homicide when he acknowledged the wrongdoing scene bore a striking similarity to a riddle story that was simply distributed in the neighborhood daily paper. The writer of that unfavorable tale was Edgar Allan Poe, a splendid green journalist whose status as a social untouchable gets the consideration of the steady analyst. Not long after Poe is approached by the powers, analysts stumble upon yet a different homicide scene that appears to have been roused by the writer’s horrible writings. Influenced that the executioner will at the end of the day utilization Poe’s writings as a springboard to homicide, Detective Fields initiates the antisocial writer to assist piece as one unit a plan to the unlawful acts and stop the crazy person before he can strike again. Brendan Gleeson and Alice Eve co-star in this tense period thriller from chief James McTeigue (V for Vendetta)

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