Let me begin by saying that this movie is definately in my Top 10 Favorite Movies! Nominated for Oscar, this movie is one of the best motivational movies ever. You think your life’s hard right now? Watch this movie and think again! I bet you’ll be inspired.. but only that! The rest it’s up to you!

This is the story of a life of strugles, bad and good decisions, the story of a men that pushed himself beyond his limits in his Pursuit of Happyness! I’ve watched this movie for about 5-6 times or so, and every time I watch it I learn a new life lesson that is priceless. I’ll let you find and learn your own lessons from this movie, which I’m sure you’ll find some!

Oh, and I forgot to say this: the movie is inspired by a true story! So no fiction here!

What are you waiting for? Hit download and ENJOY!