The Muppets (2011) Any time an insidious oil man comes across dark gold underneath Muppet Theater, Kermit initiates a Muppet super-fan and his two best associates to accommodate get together the posse for a telethon that will recover the venue from being demolished and traded with a mammoth oil pump. Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) never met an oil field he can’t suck dry. So when Tex reveals an abundant supply right underneath Muppet Theater, he starts drawing up arrangements to case the area and begin boring. Small does Tex acknowledge that dedicated Muppets fan Walter is as of now in Los Angeles with his best associates Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams), and that he’s not going to give one a chance to man’s covetousness ruin a great thing for a lot of people. With Kermit by their side, Walter, Gary, and Mary hatch an arrangement to put on a colossal telethon that will help them raise the ten million dollars would have done well to keep Muppet Theater standing. Anyway gathering together the posse won’t be simple, on the grounds that in present modern times Miss Piggy’s got a luxurious work at Vogue Paris; Fozzie has arrived a gig at a Reno money joint; Gonzo has come to be the manager of an efficacious pipes group; and Animal is managing outrage administration issues in a Santa Barbara center. With the penetrating deadline quick drawing close and Tex wringing his hands in foresight, the group races to put on the exhibition of a lifetime and save Muppet Theater from certain pulverization. Controlled by James Bobin and composed by Segel and Nicholas Stoller, The Muppets Movie offers cameos by Zach Galifianakis, Billy Crystal, Jack Black, Alan Arkin, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, near alternates

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