The Chorus (2004)Affectionate de l’Etang is a live-in school for pained young men spotted in the French farmland. In the mid-twentieth century, it is controlled by the central M. Rachin, a pretentious slave driver whose official unofficial mantra for the school is “movement -response”, implying that there will be severe outcomes for any kid out of line. This methodology does not appear to be functioning as the young men as a group are a raucous group. In turn, the instructors don’t educate, however are dependably keeping an eye out for the following subversive act from the young men. January 15, 1949 stamps the landing to the school of the new chief, M. ClĂ©ment Mathieu, an adult man who is getting a handle on at discovering his spot in life after a succession of slipped up attempts. In spite of the fact that he does discover the young men an uncontrollable parcel, Mathieu does not have faith in the “activity -response” approach, and accordingly, butts heads with Rachin while covertly undermining the strategy. Inefficiently, Mathieu’s approach of attempting to match the order to the wrongdoing does have a positive

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