You know, I was really excited to watch this movie! I’ve seen the trailer which made the movie look like an excelent comedy, my friends told me that this was an incredible movie, seen some good reviews around the web and I was like a kid before Christmas, waiting for his presents. I didn’t had the chance to go to the cinema to see it, so I’ve waited for a good version to be released online. So there it was, my present, “my precious”! I downloaded, and started to see it! Well, I didn’t really like my present! 🙁

From all that I’ve heard from my friends, from the reviews and trailers, maybe I’ve made myself a different idea about this movie so I’ve expected something FENOMENAL! I’m sorry to say it, but it wasn’t like that!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the movie, had a few good laughs, but it didn’t really impressed me. But that’s just my opinion, maybe you’ll like it more than I did! You’ll just have to watch it to find out!

I’ll give it a rate of 8.5/10 or a forced 9/10.. what’s you rate for this movie?