You know how usually sequels just can’t rise to the value of the first part of the movie? Same thing happened with this movie too. I didn’t liked it that much. Maybe just because I had other expectations for the sequel or maybe it was because from the trailer the movie seemed pretty good. But it just wasn’t. I must say that I loved the first part, but this part seemed too cheezy, maybe the first part didn’t need a sequel. We can see that Liam Neeson got old. If you compare the way he fights in the first one with the way he fights in this one, you’ll see the difference. Here he can barely move.

Maybe I’m too harsh with the movie, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe some of you will really enjoy it. Just don’t be influenced by my review. Watch it open minded, and maybe you’ll actually like it.

Let’s end this cruel review with a rate, which is 7/10. Enjoy!