Stake Land (2010) Download Movie Free Full

Stake Land is a 2010 released American vampire movie directed & written by Jim Mickle while film includes stars like Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, Kelly McGillis in the movie. The story-line of movie is amazing, in this movie Martin was an ordinary teen kid before the nation crumpled in a void pit of budgetary and political problems. A vampire pestilence has cleared crosswise over what is left of the country’s relinquished towns and urban communities, and its dependent upon Mister, a demise managing, maverick vampire hunter, to get Martin securely north to Canada, the landmass’ New Eden. Due to the awesome screenplay film scored 6.6 imdb rating while received mixed reviews from critics. Well if you love vampire or sci-fi/horror flicks then go for it, download this movie today and enjoy it with your friends.

Initial release: April 22, 2011 (New York City)
Director: Jim Mickle
Running time: 98 minutes
Initial DVD release: October 4, 2011 (France)
MPAA rating: R

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