Special Forces (2011)Coordinated by Stephane Rybojad, Special Forces stars Diane Kruger as French columnist Elsa Casanova, who works toward getting seized by Cambridge-knowledgeable Taliban head Zaief (Raz Degan) while reporting from Afghanistan. With her televised execution up and coming, the French administration send in a top Special Forces aggregate that incorporates bound pioneer Kovax (Djimon Hounsou), his crotchety best associate Lucas (Denis Menochet), savvy-splitting Tic-Tac (Benoit Magimel), unpracticed green Elias (Raphael Personnaz) and split-shot Victor (Alain Figlarz).

The Special Forces appropriately satisfy their notoriety and free Elsa equitably rapidly, however their conveyance supplies is totally demolished in the resulting shoot-out. With no radio and with Zaief and his followers sizzling on their trail, they’re constrained to make their getaway over some amazingly unwelcoming terrain.