Sleepless Night (2011)His child abducted by the most famous street pharmacist in the city, a shady cop wanders into an opulent club on an unsafe salvage mission, and ends up going head to head opposite merciless hoodlums and colleague policemen apparently equivalent. Vincent (Tomer Sisley) is a Paris cop who may be about as shady as the culprits he has used his entire vocation pursuing. Soon after teaming with an additional analyst to victimize a couple of pill messengers in a challenging early morning stay-up, Vincent studies that the cocaine in his ownership has a place with Jose Marciano (Serge Riaboukine), the holder of a conspicuous neighborhood club, and a street pharmacist who will remain absolutely determined to get his feature back. At the time that Vincent studies that Marciano has captured his offspring and that the sole course to get him back is to furnish a proportional payback, the wrecked cop makes his route to the club thoroughly ready to make the exchange. Exactly as the bargain is going to go down, in any case, an unforeseen complexity rolls out, and the cocaine vanishes without a follow. With time running out and his child in mortal peril, Vincent hunt wildly down his offspring, and a method of beating the hail of gunfire that is headed their direction

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