Season of the Witch (2011) A respectable knight combat a mischievous witch in an offer to spare mankind from an antiquated insidious in this extraordinary thriller featuring Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman. Upon coming back to his home in Europe, crusading knight Behmen (Cage) discovers his trust starting to flounder because of the ruthlessness he’s seen on the battleground. The Black Plague has pulverized the field, driving Behmen and his reliable friendly, Felson (Perlman), to look for sustenance and supplies at the Palace of Marburg. They’re weary from war, however they’re going to run across that their battle is simply starting. Instructed by the incurable Cardinal to convey a suspected witch to the nunnery where her powers could be nullified, Behman acknowledges the duty under the condition that the junior laborer young lady will accept a reasonable trial. The church accepts the young lady to be the one answerable for the Black Plague, and they may be correct, as well. As the two men and a little gathering of chaperones set out on their exhausting mission, they swiftly acknowledge that their young charge is an option that is more than human, and that they’re going to face an abhorrent past human appreciation

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