The movie stars Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost, an extremely dangerous renegate CIA agent, and Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston, a rookie CIA agent. The Safe House that Matt was in charge to take care of is attacked by a team of mercenaries that were looking to capture Tobin. They manage to escape, but the two enemies has to ally in order to find those who wants them dead.

In the last year Weston was frustrated of his inactive assignment in Cape Town, where he was in charge of a Safe House. Dreaming to become active, he awaits for the perfect oportunity to prove his loyalty.

Tobin Frost managed to escapte for about a decade. Beign one of the best field agents that CIA ever had, he leaves the Agency to sell military secrets to whoever is willing to pay more.

This movie is full of action! I recommend it and I give him a 10/10 rate. I loved it!

Enjoy it!