A pretty good Sci-Fi movie that has Hugh Jackman in the leading role as Charlie, a former boxer turned to robot fights. Yes, that’s right, robots figthing! Sound good, right?

The story about this movie it ain’t only about the robots, it’s about the story of a father and son. When he returns from a fight (that he lost), Charlie is called at the court house regarding the custody of his son. The mother of his son recently passed and the “fight” for the custody was between him and the aunt of the child. Well, it wasn’t really a fight, because Charlie didn’t want to have anything to do the child, but he still ends up with him for the summer, after he’s bribed by the kid’s uncle.

Comes a story full of adventures for the two of them, but don’t lose hope, there will be a lot of robot fights too!! 🙂

I’ll give this movie a 10/10, because I really loved it and hope you’ll like it too! Enjoy!