One Day (2011)Adjusts from creator David Nicholls’ discriminatingly acclaimed novel of the same name, head Lone Scherfig’s One Day stars Anne Hathaway as a principled working-class young lady who manufactures an one of a kind bond with a well off plane-setter that compasses two decades. July 15, 1988: Emma (Hathaway) is going to drop in this present reality. A dreamer from modest upbringings, she dreams of making the planet an improved place for every living soul. On the night of her graduation, Emma (Hathaway) meets Dexter (Jim Sturgess), an affluent tease without a forethought on the planet. Dexter is likewise graduating, however unlike Emma he anticipates a fate of solace and concession. By inquiring with Emma and Dexter each July 15th for the following 20 years, we encounter their delight, hardships, and sorrow as they strive to experience their dreams, and find importance in a planet that is unvaryingly altering

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