This movie is the story about a men – named Nick Cassady (Sam Worthington) – that tries to redeem his name after beign acused he stole a $40-million dollars diamond form the businessman David Englander (Ed Harris).

Nick Cassidy is a former cop but ended up in prison after the eleged diamond steal. After his father dies, he got a permission to go to the funerals, but under guards supervision. But he manages to escape and gives a go to his plan to proove his innocence! His plan was to go on the last floor of a New York hotel and threatens to throw himself off. He gots everyone attention and that was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to get all eyes on him, while his brother this brother’s girlfriend try to break into the vault where the diamond was, so they could proove that Nick’s innocent and Englander scammed the insurance company.

The rest you’ll have to see for yourself! It’s a pretty good movie and I give it a 9/10 rate!