Limitless-PosterLast night I’ve found some time to rewatch this incredible movie called Limitless! I am simply amazed by this it! It’s brilliant, has an incredible story and a great cast too! I love the idea of it and that it shows what a human beign is capable of doing and acomplish if he uses 100% of his brain, even if that’s generated by a “magic” pill! I’ve always tought that the human brain is the most remarcable, incredible and performant computer, and this movie validates my beliefs.

I know that the movie is pure fiction, but let’s think for a minute. The studies are showing that human beigns are using about 10-20% of their brain potential and just look around you how much this world has evolved. Now let’s imagine for a moment what a human could be able to do/create/acomplish/learn if it would use 100% of his brain! I believe that we can’t even imagine what we would be capable of! But this movie gives a pretty good view on this “100% use of brain” idea and I’m sure you’ll like it!

There’s no way that I wouldn’t rate this movie with a 10/10! Now.. ENJOY!