Considered by some one of this years movie failures, but not by me, the movie John Carter is a pretty good fantasy movie with lots of action and adventures.

The story begins in Arizona, after the Civil War, where John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), a decorate former CSA Captain, is prospecting for gold. Here he fights the locals, he’s beign held up, escapes and after he’s beign chase for a while by the cavalry, he ends up hiding in a small cave. Here he finds some symbols, and while investigating, some strange bald man in a shining robe attacks him with a knife that seemed to have appeared from thin air. From this fight, the stranger ends up dead an John founds some blue-glowing medallion from the stranger, picks it up and repeats three words that he heard the bald man saying and suddenly he awakes in a strange desert.

After he’s chased by some odd creatures, beaten, tied up and captured by this creatures, he find out that the place where he ended up was Mars. Most of the action takes now place on Mars, where John finds out that he has some great powers and fights the living creatures that live on there.

Like I said, this seemed like a pretty good movie to me, and I’ll give it like a 8.5/10 rate.