Within the last days of World War 2, the members of a nazy secret space program escape by flying on the dark side of the Moon. For about 70 years, the nazies build a gigantic space fortress with a huge fleet of UFOs. After that, this unstoppable secret army goes towards Earth proclaiming the triumpha return of the Fourth Reich!

The Lunar Fuhrer decides to reconquer the Earth a little early then they expected because of the american austronaut James Washington which landed a bit too close of their secret base. They capture Washington which pretends that he came on the Moon only to increase the popularity of the United States President. Noone belives him, so they decide to attack immediately! But, to do that, they need to finish they amiral ship, the huge war machine called Götterdämmerung, for which they need computerized technology, something like the Washington’s cellphone. Washington is taken back to Earth by the ruthless Klaus Adler and the idealis Renate Richter to get that type of technology.

I recommend you to watch this movie. It’s a good action-comedy movie! I’ll give it a 8/10 rate. Enjoy!