I Am Legend (2007) Robert Neville is a researcher who was unable to stop the spread of the shocking infection that was serious and man-made. Safe, Neville is currently the final human survivor in what is left of New York City and maybe the planet. For three years, Neville has reliably conveyed day by day radio wires, urgent to discover whatever available survivors who may be out there. At the same time he is not distant from everyone else. Mutant chumps of the infection –The Infected –slink in the shadows… viewing Neville’s each move… holding up for him to commit a lethal error. Maybe humanity’s final, ideally trust, Neville is determined by one exclusive remaining mission: to discover a route to invert the impacts of the infection utilizing his particular resistant blood. Be that as it may he knows he is dwarfed… what’s more instantly using up time.

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