House of Sand and Fog (2003) An enthusiastically broken lady, Kathy, without warning ends up homeless after her house is wrongly repossessed and unloaded. Looking for break from his marriage, Lester, an indecent yet sympathetic sheriff’s representative goes to the help of Kathy and comes to be intimately included in her scenario. Before too long, Behrani, a pleased displaced person Iranian and his family move into the house just to discover their new lives troubled by badgering from Lester and Kathy as they endeavor to recover her previous home. The once prosperous colonel denies Kathy’s requests for he knows his later buy guarantees a gainful return and an improved destiny for his juvenile offspring and excessive wife. In any case inactive results lie underneath Behrani’s overall intentioned arrangement as Kathy’s feelings winding all over the place and her movements start a heartbreaking chain of occasions that will go out of Sand and Fog.

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