Gone (2011)

Aeryn Gilleran was a 34-year-old American exile living in Vienna, Austria and working for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization when he obscurely vanished in October 2007. Aeryn’s mother, Kathy Gilleran, was an earlier cop in upstate New York who quickly traveled to Vienna to figure out what was the fate of her child. Austrian police educated Kathy that Aeryn had hopped off an extension in what was called “spontaneous suicide,” yet the more Kathy studied the less she trusted this speculation. Notwithstanding his work with the UN, Aeryn was unabashedly gay (he was named for the title of Mr. Gay Austria two years in succession) and he was final viewed at a steam soak with a notoriety for hosting politically and socially noticeable men who have not exposed the unadulterated truth. Is it true that it is plausible the police in Vienna have been shrouding the genuine truth about Aeryn’s passing with a specific end goal to ensure people with cash and power, and might the homophobia of the Austrian powers have influence? Movie producers Gretchen Morning and John Morning accompany Kathy Gilleran as she attempts to defeat an incalculable number of bureaucratic detours and uncover the genuine truth regarding her offspring’s passing in the documentary Gone. The picture appropriated its North American debut at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival

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