Gold is a 2016 released Adventure, Drama, Thriller movie directed by Stephen Gaghan and jointly written by Patrick Massett, John Zinman while film features Matthew McConaughey, Edgar RamĂ­rez, Bryce Dallas Howard in lead roles.

With the sudden demise of his dad, fourth-age miner Kenny Wells sees the privately-owned company, Washoe Mining, quickly decay and him bankrupt. Yet, driven Kenny has a fantasy, a striking vision that guarantees piles of splendid and unadulterated gold in the lavish wildernesses of remote Indonesia; a yearning which the notable, yet still unfortunate geologist Michael Acosta shares. After a short time, down-on-his-fortunes Kenny will persuade the energetic geologist to end up his accomplice and set off on an enterprise profound into unknown region, while meanwhile, he would chase for financial specialists. Sadly however, as the hazardous undertaking starts without a solitary spot of gold or its guarantee upcoming, infection and disappointment will start to undermine the fleeting dream. In any case, is it for sure an intriguingly intense and rash dream?

Due to awesome screen-play film scored 6.7 IMDB rating while grossed $7,222,964 at US box-office. This film did well at the box-office and received mixed critical reviews as well. If you’re looking for a good thriller flick then download this movie now.

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Initial release: 29 December 2016 (Croatia)
Director: Stephen Gaghan
Budget: 2 crores USD
Box office: 1.15 crores USD
Music director: Daniel Pemberton

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