This is a very good and entertaining movie!

It begins with the legend of a damned soul condemned to walk the earth and obey Devil’s orders, soul having the name of the movie – Ghost Rider. He was sent to collect a parchment known as the Contract of San Venganza, contract that holds the power of 1000 evil souls. Knowing that the Contract was pure evil, The Ghost Rider betrayed his heritage and ountran the Devil himself.

Now the movie sets on a carnival, where the father-son stunt duo composed by Barton & Johnny Blaze are performing on ramps for the show. Johnny is beign extra reckless and he is showing off for his girlfriend Roxanne, fact for which Barton chastises him.

After the show, Johnny mets with Roxanne and she’s telling him that her father is sending her away, and they both decide to run away together. When Johnny gets back home, ready to pack, he founds his father aslepp holding a report form a doctor which sais that Barton Blaze has cancer in terminal phase.

After seeing the report he’s devastated and he goes out to work on his motorcycle, when a strange man in black (Peter Fonda) approches Johnny and asks if some day he will ride for him. The man is offering to help with Barton’s illness, in return of Johnny’s soul. He accepts and the man puts him to sign the contract with a blood drop as a signature.

That’s the beggining of the movie, for more just watch the movie. I’m sure you’ll like it!