For those who have seen the first part of this movie – “Ghost Rider (2007)” – remembers Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage), the former stunt rider who sold his soul to the Devil when he was a young man and in return his father was cured of cancer. If you haven’t yet seen the first part, I strongly recommend you to watch it so that you’ll find out how Johnny Blaze became the Ghost Rider.

If in the first part we watched Johnny turning into Ghost Rider, working for the Devil and fighting the Devil, in this part the action takes place around a certain boy and his mother, for which the Devil has sent out forces to retrive them. They are protected by a drunken priest named Moreau (Idris Elba), but when he losts them, he seeks for Johnny’s help, who was hiding in Eastern Europe (Romania) to fight with his demon, The Rider.

The rest the action is taking place around them trying to help and protect the kid and his mother agains Roarke and the mercenaries.

In my opinion the first part was waaay better then this one, but this one’s good too. I’ll rate it somewhere at 7/10.