Yet another great movie and a new amazing performance of Denzel Washington. The movie it’s great, a masterpiece which has already been nominated for two Oscars. Like I’ve already said, once again we have the real pleasure to see Denzel Washington doing a great job. I must say that every movie starring Denzel it’s a movie worth watching.

In this movie he plays the role of a pilot who does a great ┬ájob saving 96 souls from a plane crash. Ten pilots were put to simulate the plane crash, and none of them managed to land the plane and save the passengers. They said it was a true miracol. The only problem with this event is that Whip (Denzel) was drunk during his performance/miracol and now he’s been watched and investigated.

I think it was an amazing movie, it was a pleasure watching you. I’ll give it a 10/10 rate. I’m sure you’re gonna like it too! Enjoy!