A couple of days ago I’ve rewatched this movie again so that I could make an accurate review. After rewatching, and even before, I honestly think that this is a great movie! It seems that Zac Efron can play some serious roles too.

Don’t know really what to say about it and not ruin the story for you. It’s better if I don’t tell you to much about it, so that you could enjoy it. But here’s an idea on what this movie is about. It’s the story about a boy who just won a scholarship and was planning to go to college. All that until he has a car accident in which his little brother ends up dead and he’s saved by a optimistic paramedic. At the funeral he starts to see his dead brother and he makes a pact with him, that every day they will meet to train for baseball.

I think I’ve already said enough, if you want to find more, you’ll have to watch the movie.

I rate it with a 9/10 and I hope you’ll like it too! ENJOY!