Probably all of you have heard or even read MARVEL’s comic books of Captain America. Now they take it up a level and made it into a movie! A good one in my opinion!

The movie is starring Chris Evans, at first a frail, skinny and sicky boy named Steve Rogers who tried a couple of times to enlist. But every time he tried, his request was denied. Once you’ll see him, you’ll understand why! 🙂

In the meantime, his best friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan) was excepted. On the night before his enrolment, they were going out to celebrate and have fun, maybe for the last time. That’s when he saw a sign to enlist which said “We want YOU!”. As he was a determinate to enroll, he gave it one more try! That’s when Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) sees him and his determination to enroll and toughts to give him a chance. What was really in the mind of the scientist was to test Steve to see if he has the character to be part of a secret goverment project runned by Dr. Erskine, test which Steve passed with brio!

From here on, Steve becames Captain America and starts to chase Johann Schmidt, the head of German science division know as HYDRA who knows the scientist and fears that if the project is a success, they will come for him.

This is where the action begins, and it’s best if you see it for yourself, enough spoilers for now. Enjoy it!